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About Volition

Our Mission:

For our Giants to be happy, healthy, loved, long lived members of our and others families and to make a positive contribution to Giant Schnauzers both here and abroad.

The Start:

In 1988 I got my first purebred dog a Dobermann ( Odin ).
Odin was a wonderful introduction to the world of showing and obedience competition. He had a wonderful nature and made friends everywhere he went and just loved doing the work and being with me. I was quite successful with Odin completing his Confirmation Championship, Obedience Title and his Working Aptitude Certificate). making him a ROM ( Register of Merit ).

I still love the breed and have made some wonderful friends in this breed and will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Dobes.

But in 1997 I acquired my first Giant Schnauzer, Juraheights Jasper Benno or Nelson as everyone knows him. Nelson went on to become Australia's top winning Giant Schnauzer in Breed history. He was the first Giant to have won an Allbreeds Best in Show and to become Australia's only Grand Champion Giant Schnauzer..

My life has never been the same since my first giant, I have grown to love and appreciate the uniqueness of this breed with their wonderful nature and their overwhelming desire to be part of the family, very similar to a Dobermann and you wouldn't believe how many Giant owners I have met who started out with with Dobermann's.

1998 I imported our second giant (Stella) from Steve and Robin Fox of Ruster Kennel's ( USA ) and wish to thank them for all their help, support and allowing us to have such a wonderful foundation bitch for my kennel.  Stella become the first bitch in Australia to win an Allbreeds Best Exhibit in Show.

In 2000 I brought over another male ( Oliver ) who at the tender age of 8 months old whilst still in the USA won Reserve Winners dog at the GSCA National in San Antonio and also Best in 6 to 18 Months Sweepstakes at the National . Oliver is no longer with us but that little guy stole our hearts and the hearts of everyone he met. Oliver completed his Australian Championship at 12 months of age with an Allbreeds Best Exhibit in Show win..

In 2001 Nelson was mated to Stella under the prefix of Canonero and had 6 beautiful puppies, I kept a beautiful outgoing male Mojo who has gone on to become the top winning Giant in 2002 and 2003 and also being the sire of 2 beautiful litters in 2003. 

In 2002 Volition was registered as my Kennel prefix as I felt it represented my true feelings and commitment towards the breed. ("Volition" The act or an instance of making a conscious choice or decision)

2003 has been a wonderful year for us in the ring and with the pending arrival of semen from some of the world's top producing and winning dogs of our breed our future is assured

***21/11/2003***  Mojo wins his first Best Exhibit in Show award

Achievements along the way:

  • Our dogs have been the breed leaders every year since 1997 in Australia.
  • 1998, 1999 and 2000 being the top winning Schnauzer's all 3 sizes in Allbreeds competition
  • 1998 to 2003 winning Best of Breed at the Victorian Schnauzer Club shows.( Australia's largest entered Schnauzer specialty show )
  • All 4 of our dogs have won Allbreeds Best in Show's and are the only Giants in Australia to have done so.
  • Australia's only Grand Champion Giant Schnauzer.
  • Australia's only Royal Best in Group winning Giant.

The Future:

The future has started to really unfold for us in 2003 with the help of some wonderful people who have allowed and entrusted to us some of the world's top winning sires and bloodlines. I now have semen from

Ch.USA,Rus,Ukr,Lux,Est,Ltu,BU Ingebar's Uri Gellar ( Uri )

Ch.USA,Rus,Blr,Kaz,Ltu,Est,Lv,Baltic,Isr,Port,UCK Gloris Arizona Bill ( Bill )

Ch USA Kirsch de Che Chin Gos ( Tony )

The next few years these sires and lines will make an outstanding contribution to our Australian Giants so watchout for our dogs and their offspring.

© Copyright 2003